Tips on How to Stay Safe and Protected When You Travel

• When planning on what to take financially with you as you travel, consider using traveler's checks and essential credit cards instead of cash when you can.

• To protect your money, it's important to carry it close to your body either in a wallet that you can put inside your coat or in your front pants pocket. An even better idea is to put it underneath your clothing in a money pouch.

• Pickpockets are around so stay alert especially when you're in a busy and crowded area, for instance, bus, train and airline terminals, popular tourist attractions and when using public transportation.

• It's important to walk with an air of confidence, your head held high and back straight so you don't come across as if you're lost or distracted.

• Pay attention to potential and intentional accidents, for instance, someone jumping in front a car and falling so that you are intrigued to examine what has occurred or a stranger who offers to take your picture or the most notorious, someone bumping into you causing your drink to spill or your bag to fall to the ground. STAY ALERT!

• Plan in advance. For example, are you traveling by car? If so, organize your maps and plan the route you are going to take before you leave the house. Also, for extra safety and to avoid delays, take your car to your local mechanic to get it inspected before you leave for your trip.

• In case you lose or need to replace important documents i.e. passport, driver's license, credit cards and traveler's checks, make a copy of each of the documents and leave them with a friend.

• To create the illusion that you're still at home when you travel, time your lights and radio to come on as well as leaving the shades, blinds or curtains in their normal position. Regarding your mail, you should either stop it or ask a neighbor, family or friend to collect it for you.

Once you're arrived: 
• Once you enter your hotel or motel room, inspect the locks and look for deadbolts or peepholes in the solid doors. An important fact to remember is that unlike ordinary key locks, electronic cards are safer.

• Make sure and lock your luggage and keep it as close to you as possible at any given time.

• Regarding your valuables, keep them in the hotel safe, a safe deposit box or if you can, leave them at home.

• To avoid unsafe areas, ask the hotel employees or even the police about which neighborhoods are the safest.

• Install a portable motional sensor or door alarm on your door at the hotel.

• Don't leave your belongings all over the hotel room, make sure and put them in your locked suitcase or out of sight.

• Keep your guest room key safe by not displaying in public or leaving it at a restaurant or at the swimming pool.

Report any crime to the police immediately.

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